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The company is committed to preservation of environment and enacting safety practices in the plant. The company complies with applicable Legislation and Regulations regarding environment, health and safety standards.

It promotes minimization of waste generation and works towards conservation, reduction and reuse of resources such as raw materials, water and power. In order to achieve its environment and safety objectives, the company makes great effort to secure the involvement of employees and other interested parties through awareness and Training. It has a continual improvement plan to periodically audit and review the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of these standards.

The company provides safe and hygienic working environment to its workers. Adequate steps are taken to prevent accident and fire. Access to clean toilets and drinking water is provided. Children and young under 18 are not employed. No discrimination is made in terms of caste, creed or gender. Wages and benefits paid for a standard working day meet the national legal standards.

The company will strive towards

  • Continual improvement of environment, health and safety standards
  • Compliance with environmental legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Acquire goods and services that conform to this policy