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Financial Results

    Outcome of Securities Issuance Committee Meeting held on 15.06.2018
    Intimation for Committee Meeting on 15.06.2018
    Financial Results for the Quarter and Year ended 31.03.2018
    Notice for Board Meeting to be held on 10.05.2018
    Corrigendum to Notice of EGM held on 26.03.2018
    Directors' Familiarization Programme
    VotingResults EGM 26.03.2018
    Scrutinizers Report EGM 26.03.2018
    Gist of Proceedings of EOGM 26.03.2018
    EGM Notice English Newspaper
    EGM Notice Hindi Newspaper
    EGM Notice
    Outcome of Board Meeting
    Board Meeting Intimation
    Out come of Committee Meeting dtd. 20.02.2018
    Unpaid Dividend for F.Y. 2016-17
    Investor Conference
    Quarterly Results, Dec.,2017
    Notice for Board Meeting 30.01.2018
    Outcome Securities Issuance Committee dtd. 19.12.2017
    Voting Result
    Scrutiniser's Report
    Proceedings of EGM dtd. 14.12.2017
    Committee Meeting Intimation dtd. 14.12.2017
    Investors' Presentation - December, 2017
    EGM dtd. 14.12.2017 Notice in News Paper in English
    EGM dtd. 14.12.2017 Notice in News Paper in Hindi
    EGM Notice with Attendance Slip & Proxy Form
    Quarterly Results, Sep.,2017
    Intimation for Allotment of Equity Shares
    Outcome Committee Meeting dtd. 04.11.2017
    Intimation of Committee Meeting on 04.11.2017
    Outcome Committee Meeting 01.11.2017
    Notice of Board Meeting Nov, 2017
    Gist of Proceedings of 25th AGM
    Voting Result of 25th AGM
    Scrutinizer's Report (AGM held on 004/09/2017)
    Notice for 25th AGM, Aug 2017, Book Closure, E-Voting (Hindi)
    Notice for 25th AGM, Aug 2017, Book Closure, E-Voting
    Attendance Slip & Proxy Form
    Notice of 25th AGM
    Annual Report 2016-17
    Outcome of Board Meeting, Aug 2017
    Quarterly Results, Jun 2017
    Notice Aug, 2017
    Notice of Board Meeting Jun,2017
    Audited Financial Results, Mar 2017
    Notice of Board Meeting Mar, 2017
    Investors' Presentation