Over the years, Nitin Spinners has strategically enhanced its production capacities through periodical installations of spindles, rotors and knitting machines.

Today, with the combined installed capacity of 2,23,056 spindles & 2,936 rotors, manufacturing 50,000 tons of yarn and threads per annum, the Company has achieved higher productivity and efficient utilisations of resources.

The fabric Unit has dominated the textile arena with 63 knitting machines and an annual production of 9,000 tons per annum.

The way forward:

The Company plans to put up an Integrated Textiles Units with facilities from spinning to processing as a greenfield project, located in Tehsil Begun District Chittorgarh, on NH 27,about 70 Km from existing site. After this expansion, the company will be able to cater to all the fabric sourcing needs of apparel manufacturers.

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