Nitin Spinners is focused on developing production practices that put people and profits in sync with the planet. The Company is aspired to convert its environmental commitment into action by following applicable Legislations and Regulations regarding environment, health and safety standards.

  • The Company also strives towards continuous improvement of environment through use of renewable energy, installation of energy efficient equipment and effective re-utilisation of waste water resources, among others
  • It encourages employees and other interested parties through awareness and training programs
  • A continual improvement plan is in place to periodically audit and review the adequacy and effectiveness of these standards

The Company provides safe and hygienic working environment to its workers with access to clean toilets and drinking water. Adequate steps are taken to prevent accident and fire. The Company does not employ child labour and no discrimination is made in terms of caste, creed or gender. Wages and benefits paid for a standard working day meeting the national legal standards.

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