Recognised worldwide as the industry leader for spun yarns, we have enhanced the spinning process at every stage of yarn manufacturing process by investing in cutting-edge technology and innovation.


  • 100% cotton Ring Spun carded Yarns from Ne 12 to ne 50
  • 100% cotton Ring Spun Yarns from Ne 12 to ne 30
  • 100% cotton Compact Ring Spun Combed Yarns from Ne 12 to Ne 100
  • 100% cotton Compact Ring Spun carded Yarns from Ne 12 to Ne30
  • poly/cotton Blended Ring Spun yarns ne 10 to 50
  • Multi-fold Ring Spun Yarns- Combed, Compact, Carded
  • Fancy Slub Yarns
  • Compact Fancy Slub Yarns
  • Core Spun Yarns
  • Compact Core Spun Yarns
  • ‘S’ & ‘Z’ Twist Yarns
  • Dye-able cheese/cones – Soft package
  • 100% Organic Cotton Yarns and Blends
  • BCI/TBC Certified Yarns
  • Supima and Giza Certified Yarns
  • Contamination Free Yarn from Australia and US Cotton
  • Zero Twist Yarn for Towel
  • Eli Twist Yarns (Siro Yarns)
  • 100% cotton Open End Yarns from Ne 6 to Ne 24- Single and multifold
  • Poly /Cotton Blended open end yarns ne 6 to 24

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